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Specialized Hydraulics & Energy Investigations

Hydratek Specialized Hydraulics & Energy Investigations

Specialized Hydraulics & Energy Investigations

Our work often takes us into a number of interesting directions in dealing with complex problems and the challenges of the water-energy nexus.

Below are listed a number of services that we offer in this context, noting that there are many special and unique situations that we will consider beyond this list.

  • High-level advisory services on fluid system design and performance, including pipelines, pump stations, intakes, reservoirs and hydroelectric installations
  • Conceptual and preliminary hydraulic system design and feasibility studies
  • Pump performance and efficiency testing
  • Water system leak detection analysis and water loss modelling
  • Water quality modelling and analysis
  • Hydraulic forensic investigations and reviews
  • Pre-feasibility design and review of complex water and hydroelectric systems
  • Energy management and pump or turbine scheduling for the purpose of minimizing pumping costs
  • System curve hydraulic investigations
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of open channel flows/applications
  • Infiltration and inflow analysis and modelling
  • Industry specific customized hydraulic and energy research
  • Specialty hydraulic courses, training, and seminars