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Pump Performance & Efficiency

Hydratek Pump Performance & Efficiency

Pump Performance & Efficiency

Pumps represent the heart of many simple and complex hydraulic systems, and are often neglected and assumed to operate as per the original design and/or original factory conditions.  Accurate pump performance testing and monitoring can yield a host of benefits for a range of objectives, including: maintenance schedules, operational improvements and reliability, capital planning, energy management and optimization, system capacity and optimization, hydraulic model input and validation, design and commissioning, etc.

HydraTek is a leader in providing independent and third party performance and efficiency testing and assessments of pumps in the field.  We have significant experience in Canada and internationally, and our service package can, and often does, include:

  • Comprehensive pump performance and efficiency testing of single pumps or pump teams
  • Pump testing via the thermodynamic method, conventional method, or both (i.e., hybrid methods/alternatives)
  • Experience across a range of industries (e.g., water, wastewater, oil and gas, nuclear, etc.) and fluids (water, wastewater, oil, etc.)
  • Testing for a range of centrifugal pump types, including horizontal split case, vertical turbine, deep well, submersible, barrel/can type, boiler feed, etc.
  • Contract specification testing and confirmation for new pump installations
  • Evaluation of existing pump efficiency and energy performance for the purpose of pump retrofits and incentives
  • Engineering assessments, hydraulic evaluations, and energy optimizations, including pump combinations and pump speed.
  • Fixed or permanent thermodynamic pump efficiency monitor installations and support
  • Independent flow metering verification via the thermodynamic method, or independent flow meters (ultra-sonic, doppler, insertion, etc.)
  • Pump monitoring program planning and implementation
  • Thermodynamic testing of other rotodynamic equipment, including blowers, fans, compressors, micro-turbines, turbines, pumps as turbines (PATs), etc.
  • Power metering and monitoring for low and medium voltage motors
  • Thermal imaging of pumps, motors, and electrical connections

Read about our Ontario-wide pump performance and energy efficiency testing and benchmarking project here.

Robertson Technology

Robertson Technology from Australia is one of the world’s leading pump efficiency research and development companies. Robertson Technology manufactures and distributes specialized thermodynamic pump efficiency testing equipment across the world.

HydraTek has exclusive rights to Robertson Technology’s high-accuracy thermodynamic pump efficiency testing technology. HydraTek and Robertson Technology work together to promote pump efficiency monitoring and assessments.


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