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Hydraulic Transients

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Hydraulic Transients

Hydraulic transients (aka as “waterhammer” or “surge”) have been the core of our business since it began back in 1988.  Since then, we have witnessed the evolution of the water and wastewater industry (as well as other industries) to more formally and comprehensively address the complex challenges associated with understanding and, more importantly, controlling and protecting against this phenomenon.

Having developed our own proprietary software, TransAM, based on decades of advanced scientific research and international project experience, HydraTek is uniquely positioned as one of the few true independent experts in this field globally.

Below is a listing of typical services that we offer in this field of practice:

  • Comprehensive hydraulic transient analysis and hydraulic modelling of fluid systems, including: water transmission and distribution systems, pressurized or open channel wastewater/sewerage systems, oil and gas pipelines, jet fuel supply systems, hydroelectric installations, and heating/cooling conveyance systems
  • Pressurized, open channel, and mixed flow systems, including transitions
  • Surge protection design review, confirmation, and advisory services
  • Pump station power failure, operational trip-up, and pipe break modelling
  • Determination of safe pump ramp-up and ramp-down times for pumps via actuated valves, VFDs, etc.
  • Pump station operational risk assessments
  • Analysis of full and partial valve closure scenarios
  • Open channel and mixed flow hydraulic evaluation of storage tunnels, sewers, and shafts, including rapid filling, overshoot, and air entrainment analysis
  • Hydrodynamic design of air valves for the purpose of minimizing secondary transients
  • Inverse transient analysis and transient model calibration
  • Turbine and PAT load rejection analysis
  • Development of operational protocols for system draining, filling, and/or emergencies
  • Water column separation analysis in draft tubes, tail race tunnels and penstocks
  • Short-term and long-term (permanent) transient pressure monitoring
  • Surge protection equipment commissioning and troubleshooting